Sunday, July 26, 2009


Sorry for the Lack of Posts, I'm working Extra hard. I'm going to take pictures of Spy crabs and put them here. I'm hoping that I may see a rare one, a Traveling musicman, and even a Civilian. Untill then, Post in the comments about your experiences. Good luck!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Spy Crabbin my Intel!

Today I was in ctf_2fort, And i saw a incredible sight! There was a Spy crab, Wearing a Fedora, With the intel! I was a medic and was healing him, and I even Ubercharged him! The rarest sight! A Uber-Intel Hat Crab! on our way across the bridge, we were greated by several heavys with sanviches, defending us from the Red Team with their fake guns. when we captured the intel, we were alpauded by many Om nom noms of joy.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Today I went to cp_dustbowl to look for spy crabs. I found a red crab, walking around. when I turned around, I was Backstabbed! It was not a Spy crab at all! it was a Spy Pretending to be a crab with the Crab Walking kit! Why I never! When I DID find a pack of spy crabs scurring around, they were instantly beaten by a bottle by a Drunken pimp! What a horrible way to treat a animal! I Instantly turned around and walked out of the Dust riddened place.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Today I have set foot not on a Battlefield, but on Achievement_scout_turbo_x2. I found a teleporter in a small base and used it, to find myself a building labeled "Pyro's House" I set up my "Save the Spy Crab" Poster and did a Spy Crab call. After an hour and several calls, I went to sleep. I was awoken by splashing and Clicking. I looked outside and saw a family of small Spy crabs in the pool outside! I watched for hours, watching their beauty. Suddely, without warning, A Scout came and killed every single one of them! I Rushed up and asked him why he did that, and only replied "need a teleporta hea!" over and over. Luckily, They were a family of dead ringer spy crabs. The scout was immediantly backstabbed and taunted by the entire family! A lot of fun.

That concludes todays blog, Tommarow I will venture out to try to find a migrating spy crab!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Hello! I am Jango, And I'm a Spy crab watcher. If you don't know what a Spy crab is, Its a Crab in Team fortress 2 that Walks around. Search it up on Youtube, if you want to know. I tell you about the adventures of Me in Team fortress 2 looking for and helping spy crabs. I know how to communicate, and act as a spy crab. Ill start tomorrow and update every day. be sure to check back!