Friday, July 10, 2009


Today I have set foot not on a Battlefield, but on Achievement_scout_turbo_x2. I found a teleporter in a small base and used it, to find myself a building labeled "Pyro's House" I set up my "Save the Spy Crab" Poster and did a Spy Crab call. After an hour and several calls, I went to sleep. I was awoken by splashing and Clicking. I looked outside and saw a family of small Spy crabs in the pool outside! I watched for hours, watching their beauty. Suddely, without warning, A Scout came and killed every single one of them! I Rushed up and asked him why he did that, and only replied "need a teleporta hea!" over and over. Luckily, They were a family of dead ringer spy crabs. The scout was immediantly backstabbed and taunted by the entire family! A lot of fun.

That concludes todays blog, Tommarow I will venture out to try to find a migrating spy crab!

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